Luxury Realestate ­čî┤California, USA.

Luxury Realestate Palos Verdes, California, USA.
Realestate Valmonte, California, USA. Looking out from the living area through floor to ceiling windows over Valmonte, Santa Monica Bay, the Queen's Necklace and the Los Angeles city lights at night time.
Real estate Palos Verdes, California, USA. The view from the backyard at night time over Los Angeles.
Realestate Valmonte, California, USA. View of the whole living area with exposed beams over looking L.A. and Santa Monica Bay area at night time.
Realestate California, Palos Verdes, USA. Dining room at the rear of the house overlooking Palos Verdes Golf Course, Santa Monica Bay and L.A.
2­čŤĆ️   3­č¬ą  2,561 sq ft  $3,999,000 USD
Set above the Palos Verdes Golf Course, a dramatic entrance does not hint at the stunning views of Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles and Queen's Necklace from inside. Designed in 1951 by renowned architect Rodney Asbury Walker.
Published 5th Jan on Instagram by @california_realestate for Chris Adlam